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6300 - Heat Iron

  • SKU: 6300
  • Category: Trenchless Pipe Replacement
  • Brand: Gorlitz


Gorlitz Model 6300 Heat Iron is mostly constructed from heat treated aluminum and precision machined for accurate temperature control. The extra large wooden handle helps provide for an easy grip while the 7 1/2” large heating plate is Teflon coated to ensure a non-stick surface. The build-in temperature gauge provides accuracy and easy readability. The thermo switch is factory set to keep the three internal heaters at 500 degrees Fahrenheit while the tripping point is set at 550 degrees.

Optional heater Frame # 6330 and heater Pouch # 6331 are available upon request.


Aluminum Element Retainer
Extra Large Wooden Handle
Internal Shielded Wiring
Male 110 Volt Pig Tail
Three 250 Watt Heaters
Adjustable Thermo Switch
Heater Frame
Insulated Heater Pouch
Dimensions: 7 1/2” L x 6” W x 20” H
Heater Weight: 9 LBS

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