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T 11A - General 6' Refill - Downhead

  • SKU: T 11A
  • Category: Rooter Tools
  • Brand: Gorlitz


The heavy-duty six foot Teletube® closet auger lets you clear stoppages just beyond the bowl. No need to lift the bowl, because it has three extra feet of cable telescoped into a guide tube until you need it. After you've worked the first three feet into a bowl, you can go three feet farther simply by pressing a button and pulling out the crank handle. The outer brass finish steel tube is 1-1/8" in diameter, and the octagonal inner guide tube is even tougher than the steel rod we use in our three foot closet augers. Teletube weighs just a little more than other augers too. The patented Flexicore® cable is made from two layers of tempered spring wire wrapped tightly around a 49-stand wire rope center. It resists kinking and breaking yet has the right flexibility to get through low flow toilets. It’s so tough, it’s guaranteed for a full year. The optional down head works like a universal joint, following the bowl contours while protecting inner bowl walls from chipping or breaking. Other features include vinyl bowl guard to protect the bowl against scratching, vinyl grip handle with “Grip Clip” to attach cable, and a smooth turning handle for easy operation.

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