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Professional Drain Cleaning Machines & Equipment Specialist.

GO 68HD Series

Gorlitz Model GO 68HD Series heavy duty drain cleaning machines without compromise is the choice of the professional. Due to its power, motor and gearbox combination these models will out-perform and out-last all other machines in its class. These heavy duty machines are available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or enclosed polyethylene drum. Additional reels or drums or as a combination to suit the operators job condition can be added at any time.

All GO 68HD Models accept our optional Gorlitz Power Cable Feeder and Puller # T 01 and Mounting Bracket # T 02. It is recommended to operate these heavy duty drain cleaning machines with our cable feeder and puller for safer and more efficient pipe cleaning procedure. The use of the feeder also avoids operator stress and fatigue. In addition and due to the weight of the machine, we recommend the use of our Hoist # 02 for lifting or Ramp # T 04 and Winch # T 05 setup for loading the machine onto any vehicle.

The open reels accept our optional nylon reinforced canvas Splash Guard # T 28D, in addition our reels and drums can be provided with an optional Reel and Drum Safety Disk # 712 which is attached directly to the drive arm.

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