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Professional Drain Cleaning Machines & Equipment Specialist.

GO 62 Series

Reduced in size but powerful in its application, these combination machines were designed to fill the gap between our larger sewer and smaller sink cleaning machines. Because of its power and versatility it is also very popular with the general contractors and professional plumbers. The Model GO 62 Series is available in a variety of reel and/or drum combinations and are completely interchangeable to fully accommodate the needs of the operator.

All steel reels are offered with optional nylon reinforced splash guards. Reel # 621 for 5/8" diameter cable accepts Splash Guard # T 28C, Reel # 501 for 1/2" diameter cable accepts Splash Guard # T 28B and Reel # 502 for 3/8" diameter cable accepts Splash Guard # T 28A. These combination models do accept our Gorlitz Power Cable Feeder and Puller # T 01 and Mounting Bracket # T02. The lower feeder pistons are adjustable to accommodate all three cable sizes. All reels and drums can be provided with an optional Reel and Drum Safety Disk # 516 or # 712 which is attached directly to the drive arm. Due to the weight of the machine, we recommend the use of our Hoist # 02 for lifting or Ramp # T 04A and Winch # T 05 setup for loading the machine onto any vehicle.

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