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GO 6000C - Complete System

  • SKU: GO 6000C
  • Category: Trenchless Pipe Replacement
  • Brand: Gorlitz


Each chain operated Trenchless Pipe Replacement System, Model GO 6000C, includes all accessories to complete a 4” and 6” diameter pipe bursting and pipe replacement pull. The complete set-up includes the following five major components; (1) Model 6000 Power Supply Cart, (1) Model 6100C Puller Unit, (1) Model 6200 Clamp Fixture, (1) Model 6300 Heating Iron including heater frame with pouch and (1) Model 6400 Facing Tool.


Demolition Head 6” Diameter
Demolition Head 4” Diameter
Blades for 6” Diameter Head
Blades for 4” Diameter Head
Tube Attachment for 6” Pipe
Tube Attachment for 4” Pipe
Tube Bushing for 6” Head
Tube Bushing for 4” Head
T-handle, extension and socket
Pressure Gauge
Chain Idler Assembly
Chain Attachment
Chain Coupler
Chain 5/8” X 50 Long
Chain 5/8” X 75 Long
Set (6) of Clamp Fixture Inserts for 4” Pipe
Shipping Weight: 1000 LBS

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