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6000 - Power Supply Cart

  • SKU: 6000
  • Category: Trenchless Pipe Replacement
  • Brand: Gorlitz


Gorlitz Model 6000 Power Supply Cart is an outstanding model due to its power, straight forward construction and simplicity in operation. The compact frame, constructed from high tensile steel tubing ensures durability and strength and incorporates the entire power plant including fuel tank, battery, electrical cord, tool box, pump, hydraulic hoses and oil reservoir. Included are 10” diameter pneumatic wheels for easy transportation to the job site and one wheel brake for added safety.

The space-age designed and patented pump features no external serviceable parts and is directly mounted to the engine. Powered by a dependable GX270 Honda engine and provided with an electric and recoil starter as a back-up, the pump is capable of generating 5800 psi equivalent to 35 tons of pulling power. The adjustable flow control valve regulates the GPM, operates on 12v dc current and is mounted directly to the hydraulic pump. The permanently attached hand held operated remote control console is provided with a 15’ long cord. The 3/8” diameter, 25’ long hydraulic hoses are supplied with a protective wrap and equipped with flush-faced quick disconnect fittings and dust protectors.

As an additional feature and only for the purpose of storage, protection and transportation the Power Supply Cart frame is provided with mounting hardware for the Heating Iron and Clamp Fixture while the Facing Tool is resting on the clamp fixture assembly.


GX270 Gasoline Engine
Electric Start / Manual Backup
12V Battery
Gear Reducer
Patented High Pressure Pump
Maximum Power: 35 Tons
Maximum PSI: 5800
Aluminum Oil Reservoir
Hydraulic Hoses: 25’ Long
Toggle Switch Assembly with 15’ Cord
Dimensions: 34” L x 26” W x 43” H
NET Weight: 220 LBS (Cart)

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