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6100C Hydraulic Unit - Cable

  • SKU: 6100C
  • Category: Trenchless Pipe Replacement
  • Brand: Gorlitz
  • $10,500.00


Gorlitz Model GO 6100C Puller Unit frame is constructed entirely of heat treated aluminum giving it excellent toughness, durability and strength. The unit is provided with an oversized rear plate featuring a large opening to disconnect the puller assembly, brackets for a chain stopper and chain idler and individual mounted manifold. The manifold, cylinder and hydraulic hoses are provided with flush mounted quick disconnect fittings and dust covers. Puller housing and blocks, cylinders, wheels and chain stopper are provided with T-handles and/or hairpins for added security. The 4” diameter, 12” long stroke aluminum cylinders are made from aircraft type material to reduce weight, provided with large pistons, chromoly rods and wipers to keep the dirt out and to ensure a long life.

Engineered for simplicity, the Puller Unit features the ability to quickly transform from chain to cable with very little effort. For easy one man operation the entire hydraulic Puller Unit can be assembled or disassembled at the job-side. This model is recommended to burst and replace cast iron, clay, plastic and orangeburg pipes from 2” to 6” in diameter.

Optional puller housing, pulling jaws, locking mechanism, pulleys and related items for chain or cable sizes are available upon request.


Welded Aluminum Frame Construction
Chain or Wire Rope Puller Housing
Chain or Wire Rope Locking Mechanism
Chain or Wire Rope Pulley
Chain or Wire Rope Guide System
Aluminum Cylinders: 4” Diameter 12” Stroke
Manifold with Quick Disconnect Fittings
Pressure Gauge Assembly
Dimensions: 43” L x 26” W x 30” H
Net Weight: 255 LBS Chain Assembly
Net Weight: 240 LBS Wire Rope Assembly

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