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GO 1500WT

  • SKU: GO 1500WT
  • Category: Drain Cleaning Machines
  • Brand: Gorlitz


Gorlitz™ Model GO 1500WT is equipped with an additional water tank to generate an air gap between water supply from a garden hose, etc. and water discharging at the jetter nozzle. The air gap feature is a requirement to comply with many local government regulations. Model GO 1500WT is supplied with two jetter hoses, one 1/8" diameter by 50 feet long trap hose and one 1/4" diameter by 100 feet long jetter hose. The 1/8" trap hose is recommended for drain lines from 1 1/2" to 3" in diameter while the 1/4" jetter hose can handle pipes from 2" to 4" in diameter up to 100 feet long. The supplied nozzle selection for each hose includes an assortment of three nozzles.


2 HP 110 Volt Electric Motor
Amperage Draw: 19.8 amps
Duplex Ceramic Plunger Pump
Water Tank Air Gap
1/8" X 50' Trap Hose
1/4" X 100' Jetter Hose
1500 PSI Maximum Working Pressure
2.1 GPM Maximum Water Volume
180 Degrees Maximum Water Temperature
Hose Reel Capacity: 75' Trap Hose, 150' Jetter Hose
Storage Dimensions: 20" L x 24" W x 27" H
Extended Dimensions: 20" L x 24" W x 41" H
Net Weight: 129 LBS

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