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Professional Drain Cleaning Machines & Equipment Specialist.

Drain Cleaning Machines

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc. designs and builds the world's best and most reliable drain cleaning equipment. From lightweight sink and tub drain cleaners to midsize and heavy duty mainline drain cleaning machines. All of our models have the same durability, reliability and safety standards you've come to expect from the sewer and drain cleaning experts at Gorlitz.

Designed by our in-house engineers all models present simplicity in construction and reliability in operation. All our machine frames and open reels are built entirely from steel components for additional strength. All steel components are zinc plated, powder coated or painted to guard against corrosion. Most models are offered with steel reels or high density polyethylene drums. Gorlitz Drain Cleaning machines are provided with ground fault circuit interrupters, forward/reverse and on/off switches, carry or pull handles or wheels for transportation. Our cables are wound from high tensile, hard drawn heat-treated music wire and stress relieved to retain their tension. Machine parts and cutting blades are die cut for consistent repeatability. Gorlitz connectors, ends, splices and chucks are CNC precision machined to maintain tight tolerances.

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