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Partial Town of Gorlitz

View Toward The Landeskrone 

Partial Town of Gorlitz View Toward The Landeskrone

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain Inc. is named after a beautiful, small and lovely city in Germany whose origin dates back to 1017. It is located approximately 200 km southeast of Berlin, borders with Poland and overlooks the Neisse River. Gorlitz currently maintains a population of 61,000 people and the community still thrives today. Gorlitz’s mystique remains alive and is apparent in the construction of its buildings dating back to the Gothic and Renaissance periods.
Street Cars still travel thru the city’s original cobble stone roads leading into the shopping centers and city hall. The train station with its glass ceilings and walls is still in operation and reflects the old world charm to this day. Many historic areas such as the “Kaiserstrutz” which is presently home to many historic galleries but was once part of an old historic fort to defend the city. The outskirts of Gorltiz are picturesque scenes of lush green forests and farm lands with the “Landeskrone”, a 420 meter inactive volcano which has one of the oldest forts near Gorlitz and remains a special place of interest.

Refurbished Appartments Dating To 1200

One Of Many Churches 

Refurbished Appartments Dating To 1200 One Of Many Churches

Concert Hall

Gorlitz In Winter 

Concert Hall Gorlitz In Winter

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